Back office

ELGBET’s back office system is advanced software specifically designed to provide an unrivaled level of management and control over all aspects of online casino operations. This all-in-one solution, shaped by the careful work of our multidisciplinary global team of experts, offers seamless integration of various gaming products and operational services into a compact and consistent backend system.


This system represents an excellent combination of advanced technologies and expertise in the gambling industry, which allows online casinos to effectively scale their activities and adapt to changing market demands. Among the key features of ELGBET Backoffice System it is worth highlighting the following:


– Access rights and roles: Configure individual access rights and define different user roles in the system, which allows you to securely delegate management functions and filter access to confidential information.

– Players: Manage player accounts, monitor their activity and preferences, which helps create personalized offers and improve the gaming experience.

– Payments: Integrated payment management module that allows you to conduct transactions, track financial flows and process payments with maximum security and efficiency.

– Games: Centralized management of game content, including adding new games, editing existing ones and regulating their availability to the user.

– Reports: Generate detailed and personalized reports on various aspects of casino operations, aimed at streamlining processes and informed decision making.

– Segmentation: Dividing users into segments according to various criteria for targeted marketing and a more thorough analysis of target audiences.

– Business Intelligence: Business intelligence tools that provide deep insights into market trends and player behavior to support strategic planning.

– Risk Management: Powerful tools and procedures designed to minimize risk and prevent fraud to ensure a reliable and secure operating environment.

– Bonuses: Comprehensive management of bonuses and promotions, allowing you to easily customize and offer a variety of incentives to retain and attract players.

– Partner System Providers: Manage relationships with content providers and partner systems to provide a wide range of gaming products and services.

– Casino Builder: Tools to customize and personalize the gaming platform, including visual elements and user experience, ensuring that each online casino is unique.

– KYC (“Know Your Customer”): Mechanisms for verifying the authenticity and identification of users, ensuring compliance with the rules and regulations governing online gambling.

– Tournaments: Creation and management of tournaments with varying conditions of participation, which further motivates players and promotes their involvement in the gameplay.

– Messages: An integrated communication system within the platform that allows you to communicate with users, send notifications and newsletters, improving customer interaction.


Deep analytics and business intelligence, back-office task automation and interface personalization work together to improve efficiency and productivity, as do improved customer interactions and risk and fraud management features that keep online casinos safe and secure. Elastic architecture and wide support for payment solutions make ELGBET Backoffice System a convenient and easily scalable tool. Full control over financial flows ensures financial stability and sustainability of the business.


Overall, the ELGBET back office is a comprehensive solution designed to optimize all key operational processes of an online casino. With its help, an online casino is able to achieve new levels of efficiency and guarantee a high-quality experience for both the business and its customers.

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