Keno live 1-4 min.

Game Features:

  1. Pre-recorded videos.
  2. Unique and profitable winning plans.
  3. Circulation every 1-4 minutes.
  4. Jackpot with individual settings.

Rules of the game:

Keno is an electronic lottery. The circulation is carried out every 4 minutes. Out of 80 numbers, a combination of 20 non-repeating numbers appears.

The player is invited to place a bet by choosing any combination of non-repeating numbers from 1 to 80. The minimum combination size is 1 selected number. The maximum combination size is 10 non-repeating numbers.

Regulating the remuneration of the game organizer

This game can work either on the basis of pure probability theory or with a fixed rate of reward for the game organizer.

0 %
Теория вероятности​
0 %
Fixed percentage

Integration with existing analogues.

If other types of Keno games are more popular in your area, we can integrate with those systems.


The jackpot for this game is cumulative and common to all other games. For each bet made by a player in the Jackpot, 3% of the bet amount is withheld.

The jackpot can be separately adjusted for each cash register or PPS. It can be enabled or disabled in the game. Sets the lower and upper limits of the Jackpot size. The lower limit determines when the Jackpot can be awarded between winners. The upper limit indicates a large value, upon reaching or exceeding which the Jackpot will be played between players.

Keno game on ELGBET: Wake up your luck Every Few Minutes

Keno is a game of chance with ancient roots that has taken on new life on the ELGBET platform. Modern technology has made the game of Keno accessible anywhere in the world, providing an exciting pastime and tempting chances of winning. Let’s look at the main features of Keno, available on your favorite gaming site.

Pre-Recorded Videos: Visual Excellence

ELGBET strives to offer players not only the chance to win, but also visual pleasure. Keno’s pre-recorded videos show every draw in superb detail, ensuring clarity and reliability. Whether on the big screen or mobile device, the video quality will take your gaming experience to the next level.

Unique and Profitable Winning Plans

The Keno winning system at ELGBET is designed to offer players a unique set of winning combinations, thereby increasing the chances of winning prizes. No matter your strategy or play style, you will find a plan that suits you. This means more chances for pleasant surprises every time you play.

Keno Draws Every 1-4 Minutes

Dynamics are the key to making Keno fun at ELGBET. The platform runs draws every 1-4 minutes, which means an endless stream of gaming opportunities and excitement. With such a frequency of circulations, there is simply no time left for boredom – luck can smile at any moment!

Jackpot with Individual Settings

A customizable jackpot adds another layer of excitement to the Keno game at ELGBET. Players can tailor jackpots to their preferences, allowing everyone to control their potential winnings. Variable settings mean that each player can influence their potential winnings.

Keno at ELGBET provides every gambling fan with the opportunity to enjoy regular draws, winnings and luxurious visual design. Join us at ELGBET and try your luck at Keno – who knows, maybe the next draw will bring you a big jackpot!

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