Rooster fighting

Rooster fighting. New!

Competitions of specially trained fighting roosters who fight among themselves; a gambling sport in which players place bets on the victory of one of the roosters in sectors.

Game Features:

  1. Custom logos.
  2. High quality pre-recorded videos.
  3. Jackpot with individual settings.
  4. Unique bet combinations.

Rules of the game:

Two roosters fight each other inside a circular arena.

Each fight can last a maximum of 2 minutes 30 seconds, after which, if there is no winner, it is declared a draw.

During fighting, roosters can be easily identified by a colored mark attached to their feet, which can be blue or red.

Before the fight, a technical card is shown containing three indicators of the strength, endurance and agility of the two roosters.

For this game we offer 5 betting options:

1X2: you need to predict whether the fight will end in a victory for one of the two roosters or a draw.
Over/Under 60 Seconds: You need to predict whether the fight will last more or less than 60 seconds (Over/Under).
Sector: the arena is divided into 4 sectors of equal size; you need to predict in which sector the fight will end if one of the participants is defeated. In case of a draw, the bet is lost.
Combo Winner + Over/Under 60 Seconds: You need to predict which of the two roosters will win the match and whether this will happen over or under 60 seconds. In case of a draw, the bet is lost.
Combo Winner + Sector: you need to predict which of the two roosters will win the match and in which sector the match will end. In case of a draw, the bet is lost.

Regulating the remuneration of the game organizer

This game can work either on the basis of pure probability theory or with a fixed rate of reward for the game organizer.

0 %
Probability theory
0 %
Fixed percentage


The jackpot for this game is cumulative and common to all other games. For each bet made by a player in the Jackpot, 3% of the bet amount is withheld.

The jackpot can be separately adjusted for each cash register or PPS. It can be enabled or disabled in the game. Sets the lower and upper limits of the Jackpot size. The lower limit determines when the Jackpot can be awarded between winners. The upper limit indicates a large value, upon reaching or exceeding which the Jackpot will be played between players.

Virtual Cock Fights at ELGBET: Innovative Gambling Entertainment

Discover the world of gambling entertainment with a new virtual sport on ELGBET – virtual cockfighting! Gamblers can now enjoy exciting battles between computer-generated opponents while placing bets without any harm to real animals.

Personalizing Your Game

With the ability to customize logos, ELGBET allows you to create your own unique gaming space. You can tailor the game interface to suit your tastes, making the betting process not only fun, but also personally meaningful.

High Quality Video

Experience all the details of a virtual battle with high-quality pre-recorded videos. Our realistic visualizations will make every fight as vivid as possible in a virtual format, giving you complete immersion in the gameplay.

Jackpot with Individual Settings

Customize the outcome of the virtual battle with a jackpot system that can be adjusted to suit you. Change the jackpot parameters to increase your chances of winning big or experiment with different strategies.

Unique Betting Combinations

With ELGBET you have a wide range of bets available to you, allowing you to choose the perfect combination for your playing style. Whether you choose to bet on the favorite or the underdog, unique combinations increase your chances of success.


Virtual cockfights at ELGBET open a new chapter in the world of gambling, allowing you to place bets and enjoy the excitement of the fight without harming the animals. Register today to explore all the unique features and start your journey to winning the world of safe and exciting gambling entertainment!

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