Game Features:

  1. 10 different bet types.
  2. Custom logos.
  3. Circulation every 3 minutes.
  4. Jackpot with individual settings.

Rules of the game:

Bets are placed in Live mode. The player is asked to bet before the deal (when players only see their two cards), then the flop (three community cards) is dealt, then the fourth community card is the turn, and the fifth is the river. The player is given approximately 15 seconds to evaluate the chances of his combination and place a bet, after which the cards are dealt.

In virtual poker, hands are dealt on three tables at the same time, so you can place parlay bets, bets on a combination, or win a specific hand. There are several types of bets in virtual poker. The main ones:

1. Winner – you must indicate which hand will win in the layout.

2. Combination bet – bet on a pair, highest card, two pair, full house, three of a kind, straight, set, flush, four of a kind, straight flush or royal flush.

3. There is also a jackpot in the game.

Regulating the remuneration of the game organizer

This game can work either on the basis of pure probability theory or with a fixed rate of reward for the game organizer.

0 %
Probability theory
0 %
Fixed percentage

Integration with existing analogues.

If other types of Poker games are more popular in your area, we can integrate with those systems.


The jackpot for this game is cumulative and common to all other games. For each bet made by a player in the Jackpot, 3% of the bet amount is withheld.

The jackpot can be separately adjusted for each cash register or PPS. It can be enabled or disabled in the game. Sets the lower and upper limits of the Jackpot size. The lower limit determines when the Jackpot can be awarded between winners. The upper limit indicates a large value, upon reaching or exceeding which the Jackpot will be played between players.

Keno variety at ELGBET: Settings, Bets and Continuous Drive

Keno at ELGBET is a game for those who value variety, customization and constant action. Our platform ensures that every gambling lover will find something for themselves here. But what makes Keno at ELGBET so special? Let’s talk about the unique characteristics of this game.

Variety of Bet: 10 Ways to Play

With ten different bet types, playing Keno at ELGBET isn’t just about picking numbers, it’s about being a strategic field for bettors. You can take chances with high odds or play it safe by choosing bets that best suit your playing style and risk appetite. Explore them all and find your winning formula.

In-Game Personalization: Custom Logos

ELGBET understands that personalization improves the gaming experience and offers the ability to customize logos in Keno. This means you can add a personal touch to the game, making each draw more personal and memorable.

Fast and Frequent Draws: New Round Every 3 Minutes

Do you like fast-paced games? Keno draws on ELGBET happen every 3 minutes, providing a constant stream of opportunities to try your luck and win. There’s no need to wait – just place your next bet and watch the numbers unfold.

Jackpot with Individual Settings: Your Rules of the Game

The jackpot system at ELGBET gives you the opportunity to customize the rules of the game. Choose how often and how much you want to win, and let the custom jackpot settings increase your motivation with every draw.

Virtual Poker: Multi-Table Features

Not limited to Keno, ELGBET also offers opportunities for parlay bets, hand bets, and even winning a specific hand in virtual poker. The game is played simultaneously on three different tables, increasing your chances and adding a layer of strategy to everyone’s favorite card game.


Keno at ELGBET is more than just a numbers game. This is a game with endless possibilities, where you control the process and customize it to your own preferences. A variety of bets, a customizable jackpot and non-stop excitement await you right now. Register at ELGBET and start winning today!

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