TV Games from ELGBET: New Level Entertainment for Your Business


Bring newness and dynamics to your bookmaker’s office, bar, restaurant or gaming room with TV Games from ELGBET – the leading, feature-rich betting platform. Offering live scores, exciting virtual sports and lotteries, TV Games provides the perfect balance of entertainment and profitability to grow your business.

Variety of Gaming Products

High Quality Roulette

Our virtual roulette tables are designed to replicate the atmosphere of a real casino, providing users with a first-class gaming experience.

Greyhound and Horse Racing

Fast-paced and filled with excitement, these virtual races consistently attract bets due to the realism and drama of each race.


Keno from ELGBET is non-stop fun with instant results, providing the opportunity for frequent bets and winnings.

Virtual Poker

Experience the tension and strategy of a real poker game with our virtual tables, where every hand is a new chance to win.

Virtual Rooster Fights

Please note that ELGBET TV Games involve virtual rooster fights, which means no living creatures are involved or harmed. These simulated battles offer the same level of excitement and betting variety as other games.

For Business: Fast Payback and Expansion Opportunities

TV Games from ELGBET are easily integrated into any existing infrastructure, promising a minimum payback period. Provide your customers with a wide selection of gambling games right on the screen, maintaining attention and increasing the profitability of your hall.


ELGBET TV Games is a revolutionary approach to gambling that helps establishments turn an ordinary pastime into a unique, multimedia experience. A variety of games and virtual sports provide something exciting for every visitor and reliable revenue streams for businesses. Join ELGBET today and empower your business with the latest gaming solutions!

Бои петухов

Rooster fighting

Rooster fighting. New! Competitions of specially trained fighting roosters who fight among themselves; a gambling sport in which players place bets on the victory of one of the roosters in sectors. Game Features: Custom logos. High quality pre-recorded videos. Jackpot with individual settings. Unique bet combinations. Rules of the game: Two roosters fight each other…



Poker Game Features: 10 different bet types. Custom logos. Circulation every 3 minutes. Jackpot with individual settings. Rules of the game: Bets are placed in Live mode. The player is asked to bet before the deal (when players only see their two cards), then the flop (three community cards) is dealt, then the fourth community…



Keno live 1-4 min. Game Features: Pre-recorded videos. Unique and profitable winning plans. Circulation every 1-4 minutes. Jackpot with individual settings. Rules of the game: Keno is an electronic lottery. The circulation is carried out every 4 minutes. Out of 80 numbers, a combination of 20 non-repeating numbers appears. The player is invited to place…

Скачки лошадей

Horse racing

Horse racing. Game Features:1. Large selection of betting options (including bets on two and three participants).2. Racing with 6 horses.3. Jackpot with individual settings.4. High quality pre-recorded videos. Rules of the game: Horse racing is a virtual sporting event. Races are held every 4 minutes, with 6 horses competing. The player is given the opportunity…

Собачьи бега

Greyhound racing

Greyhound racing. Game Features: Large selection of betting options (including bets on two and three players)Racing with 6 dogs.Jackpot with individual settings.High quality pre-recorded videos. Rules of the game: Greyhound racing is a virtual sporting event. The race takes place every 4 minutes and involves 6 dogs. The player is given the opportunity to bet…


Video roulette new visualization Game Features:1. 6 different types of bets.2. Custom logos. (White label)3. Draw every 3 minutes.4. Jackpot with individual settings Rules of the game: This game is an electronic lottery. The draw takes place every 2 minutes. One number is randomly selected from the range from 0 to 36. The player is…